Artist, director and writer Goulding is a romantic realist. Her work has been compared to Sophie Calle, Patti Smith, Nan Goldin, Bette Gordon and Bernardo Bertolucci by critics, and in Purple magazine wrote “Jem has set about realigning the equilibrium between the male and female divine in her seductive imagery, meditating on beauty and sexuality; without boundaries and without distraction.”

Goulding started out young poetess. After graduating from Goldsmith's College, in 2008, the cult journal 'Apartamento' published her poem "Breathing Space". After an influx of demand Apartmento published a second poem by Goulding called 'Window Pain' in 2013, which was nominated for the Christopher Tower poetry prize. Her poems have since gained attention all over the literary and avant-garde world, catching the support of John Malkovich, Pete Doherty and the late Heath Ledger; a friend for who she would later write a eulogy

Like her writing, and films, she takes reportage and situational photographs that explore a freedom of spirit...particular in an anticipated series she started in 2009 called 'The Companion'. A autobigraphy study of her own travel romances, exploring the intense yet transient connections we enter into when far away from home.

In 2011, Goulding made waves with her debut poetry film "The Bone Echo, an experimental adaption of her published text. A genre coined as 'cine-poems' by the i-D magazine, the piece saw her acclaimed as a pioneer in a genre that had been un-chartered since the work of Sylvia Plath in Lady Lazarus. The film starred international super-muses Alice Dellal, Eliza Cummings, and Josh Beech, and features Goulding’s narrative; a recital of the text. The film featured an original score by Disappears and Sonic Youth, and was recorded live in Sonic Youth’s famous 'Echo Canyon' studios in New York
Marlo Kronberg at Oakazine called the film "a visually stunning paean to animalistic love; an erotically charged, darkly magical statement that effectively gives poetry back to the wild-hearted." Going on to succinctly sum up Goulding’s sentiments — "unlike many contemporary poets – aren’t couched in esoteric language or paradoxical allusion in order to remain inaccessible. Instead Goulding treats poetry as a glass vessel in which to pour truth; as an art form that everyone can and should understand and appreciate once again."
2012 and 2013 saw Goulding for 3 awards for The Bone Echo, and set in place visual collaborations with cult musicians of the moment such as Warpaint, SOKO, Savages and Karl Barat.

Her 'Badwater' caused excitement on many art sites when Goulding experimented with three forgotten rolls of 8mm film that had been gathering dust under her bed. She placed the mystery film for sale online on Ebay, giving bands a chance to buy the unprocessed negative admitting she could not remember what they contained. Bands from all over the world made bids, but Goulding's favourite track was one by Chicago blues outfit Speck Mountain who happily bought the footage, and cut a video… .

In 2013 Goulding made her a long anticipated move into documentary - with her most celebrated display of film making yet, depicting the inner turmoils of Sergei Polunin. Still the only film-maker to earn the controversial dancer's trust, the film caused a massive reaction world wide, with network TV channels in France, Sweden, Russia, Australia and Germany all running reports and excerpts of the film. The full length version of the raw and controversial documentary still doing the film festival circuit with great success including London, Stockholm, San Francisco, Marfa and Seattle.
ran a 6 minute teaser last year .

Her latest short film is fictional piece of art house cinema, in collaboration with composer Jamie Lee - the front man of acclaimed British MONEY. The film remains true to Goulding's fearless storytelling, finding beauty and sadness in the uncharted territories of the human heart - a subject that Gouldng explores in her best known 'CITY' , a poem written in fact about the brutality of New York . This was the poem that bought Lee and Goulding together, realizing that 'City' and 'Goodnight London' where inspired by the exact same kind of isolation; whether the city be New York or indeed, London. Over a first rendezvous to discuss poetry, sex and the painter Eric Fishl (in particular their mutual love of his painting 'Bad Boy') Lee asked her to "make some art" for his song Goodnight London. Goulding also pays a respectful visual and poetic homage to David Wojnarowicz's photographic series "Rimbaud in New York', and like all good art-house films, it also has a French flavor, with the story's lead character played by Parisian rising star Olivier Barthelemy.

Talk of Goulding's solo visual art show 'Promised Land' comprizing of photography, film and sculpture, is immanent on New York's Lower East Side.